Florida’s Number One Freeze-Dried Space Ice Cream

In Florida, freeze-dried ice cream is a universal crunchy and crumbly treat. It is put in a sealed pouch and needs no refrigeration. Side by side with regular ice cream, it’s different because you can keep it at room temperature without it thawing, and yet remains soft when you take a bite. Plus, all the water is removed from it, resulting in a dry, brittle texture that melts in your mouth. How cool is that? Well, it wouldn’t be that cool if it’s not placed in the fridge.

This special mouth-watering delight is made by LuvyDuvy Corporation and may be ordered online at SpaceFoodNovelties.com. It’s the home of the best-tasting freeze-dried ice cream on Planet Earth and they come in different flavors: Neapolitan, Vanilla, and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also sell freeze-dried Strawberries. They come in different combination packages. Order from our shop and check out our bundles or you can also buy them at the Kennedy Space Center.

While NASA developed freeze-dried ice cream, it isn’t part of the standard food package they’re sent to space with. Here on the ground, especially in Florida, space ice cream may be ordered online or bought from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Merritt Island.


The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located at Merritt Island FL and it’s open daily from 9 AM–5 PM. Once there, get yourself awed by what the place has to offer.
Also, when you develop the need for a refreshing snack, allow yourself to drift in the spacey surroundings until you see and gravitate toward our stall. Here are some of the things you can order:

Now, keep in mind that they’re all available for you to order at our online shop. We offer free shipping within Continental USA. For distribution outside the country, please contact us for the delivery information.

Remember the saying “I scream for ice cream”? Our ice cream will surely bring back that yell for yum in your life. In Florida, try our freeze-dried ice cream.