Best-Tasting Freeze-Dried Ice Cream in New York


There are two ways of getting freeze-dried ice cream in New York. You can either order it from, the official distributor of LuvyDuvy Corporation (the maker of this unique mouth-watering treat) or you can visit the only site where it’s available in the easternmost part of the city that never sleeps. Here in New York, that would be over the counter in the famous Vanderbilt Museum.

New York

Located at Little Neck Road in Centerport of Long Island’s North Shore, this breathtaking spread that holds a museum, mansion, and planetarium is open only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The public is welcome every Friday and Saturday on two separate time windows: 12–4 PM and 7:30–10 PM. On Sundays, it’s only open from 12–4 PM. Ticket prices are available on the Vanderbilt Museum’s website.

Aside from a tour of this educational wonderland, one can avail of space ice cream, another name for this special treat. It’s that unique party pleasure with most of the water content removed, is sealed in a pouch, and is real ice cream.

In New York, it is offered in three flavors: Neapolitan, Vanilla, and Mint Chocolate Chip. We also sell freeze-dried fruits, such as Strawberries.  You can either get them from our stall in the Vanderbilt Museum or order them from our shop. We offer free shipping within Continental USA. For distribution outside the country, please contact us for the delivery information you need.

Get that special ice cream designed for space travel but has never really even reached the stratosphere. Freeze-dried ice cream in New York courtesy of LuvyDuvy Corporation, it’s the world’s best. If it’s good enough for our space heroes, then it has got to be fine with us too.