Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

LuvyDuvy’s freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches are made from 100% real ice cream, with milk and cream as the first two ingredients. And since our ice cream is freeze-dried, you don’t need to store it in the freezer. That’s right – this ice cream isn’t cold!

Thanks to the process of freeze-drying, removing water from LuvyDuvy’s products gives them a long shelf life.  And since our ice cream snacks can be stored at room temperature, they will not melt.
How We Make Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches
The first step of the freeze-drying process requires sealing our premium ice cream sandwiches in an air-tight chamber. Then, the ice cream sandwich is frozen solid to 40°F (-40°C). Next, it is exposed to vacuum pressure and slightly heated to remove its water content – a process known as sublimation. The evaporated water is then collected in the form of ice. Finally, what’s left is a delicious, nonperishable, freeze-dried ice cream sandwich that’s over 99% free of liquid. Freeze-dried ice cream treats were originally developed for the early Apollo Missions. Given that freeze-dried foods can be kept at room temperature and are incredibly lightweight, they are perfect for space travel. Plus, astronauts need dessert too!

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